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Developers can do incredible work to enable their companies to operate, deliver, grow and “wow” customers, and your team is no different.

You have extraordinary talent at your disposal but they’re stifled by complex processes, vendor lock-in and limited functionality. Like any profession, a developer’s ability is deeply affected by the tools and support they’re provided with.

When the process of building and managing complex infrastructure can waste days and sometimes weeks of valuable development time, how can you expect your business to thrive?


Meet Appvia Hub.

Appvia hub is a self-service platform for developers that relieves the pains and delays of infrastructure management so they can spend more time on making their companies brilliant.

Created by Appvia, a company built to give developers all the resources they need to deliver extraordinary work, Hub allows you to build any application quickly and smoothly.

Think of it as the tool to Develop, Build and Monitor your applications without the resource overhead. Everything from Kubernetes namespaces through to monitoring dashboards without any dependencies on others. Be portable, flexible and secure too.

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Kubernetes Security Scanner

The Kubernetes Security Scanner is a tool developed by Appvia to simplify management of role-based access controls (or RBAC) across your Kubernetes clusters.

It does this by attaching itself to multiple clusters in Kubernetes and scanning the environments for RBAC data. It then maps the relationships between people, service accounts, roles, role bindings and pod security policies.

In doing so, it helps visualise the complexity of RBAC and enables users to search across their clusters for RBAC information and, even makes suggestions on core best practice rules around the security of your RBAC implementation.

You can view the Kubernetes Security Scanner GitHub repo for more information or to download.

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